A Compliment Can Create a Millionaire!

How many times have you heard the analogy about which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, here it comes again, but this time with a price tag attached to it!

Which came first, the confidence or the money? Would you buy an appliance from the showroom floor from a salesman who wasn’t confident about his product? Doubtful! Can you name an athelete or celebrity who doesn’t feel confident in him or herself? (Keep in mind, I didn’t say they have to like themselves.)

When you say to your kids, or even to yourself in front of the mirror on a daily basis, you will see grand results. What could be more satisfying than seeing your child walk away confident? You would see you had a place in it. What could be more pleasing than being able to feel good about a creation you had dedicated long nights, endless sweat and absolute dedication to seeing come to fruition? You’re proud of your child, but consider the example!

Listen to what this creative fellow has to say about his past, the example of his mother, and then you tell me if he COULD have a viable future!

About Michelle J Brewer

Free-spirited and unwilling to let life throw a curve she can't handle Michelle hasn't done it all, but what she does do she lands on her feet with her hands in the air. Currently a writer of screenplays, she knows the only true way to benefit in her life is by sharing valuable information. Helping others grow to better their own lives, and loving it at the same time, gives her a sense of accomplishment. This blog will discuss what she is working on and how it's progressing. When you want to know more about MJ Brewer, you can check out her blog at http://2ndChanceatHeaven.com to get the inside scoop! Have fun and please volunteer your feedback!
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