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Dr. Seuss’s Keys to Fulfillment

As most people know, who know me at all, I tend to think “outside the box.”  This has made my life difficult, to say the least, but insightful.  In realizing I see and understand a varying  point of view than most, … Continue reading

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Have you ever been asked if you wanted to “waste your time”?

Several years ago, a woman working for the local school’s transportation system was in a traumatic car accident after working four years as a school bus driver. Due to her spine needing severe work, she was unable to return to … Continue reading

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Is “Justice” Blind, or Does She Choose to Turn Her Back in Our Schools?

For 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, our children receive about 1/30th of an adult’s attention! Think about that! That’s what most kids get in a classroom every single day, when they’re at school. The class sizes are … Continue reading

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“Where’s MY Christmas?”

Waiting in line at the store, I am in a hurry (like most of us are) and there are only two lines open. The elderly gentleman in front of me has a cart full of groceries, but after weighing out … Continue reading

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