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The Facts of Life–from a 9-year-old

We’d had a pleasant day visiting Grandma Bev, when on our way home my four-year-old pops out, “Cameron, you can be my husband and I’ll be your wife!” My nine-year-old is a bit more than apalled, “We can’t get married, … Continue reading

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Where did “Nothing” come from?

Have you ever stopped to think about where things we take advantage of every day come from?  Whoever thought about taking something from a chicken, opening it up and cooking it could be the main ingredient for a lemon meringue … Continue reading

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“May God be with You”

 Have you ever noticed the back-biting, cursing, hateful words that come from someone’s lips up until the time someone says they’re in a bad situation?  People will slander each other and say the most cruel things to each other on … Continue reading

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“He gets more birthdays than me!”

My son is excited that his ninth birthday is today and he woke up blurting out about some 397 Hawkeye Remote Control Helicopter he wants to add to his birthday list.  “I have no idea what you just blurted out, … Continue reading

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I’ve heard “He who laughs last……”

Today Nikki, my four-year-old, was on the bed, pillows and blankets were flying! Shirtless with her pink, Valentine boxers on, she giggled and wiggled wildly as I tickled her, demanding she give in. Finally, I grabbed her bare foot and pushed … Continue reading

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Our Rising Taxes Pay for Our Protection–or Do They?

Imagine hearing a a police officer state, “We don’t take every missing person report on adults….,” when you find your wife, starving to death in a ravine with a broken collar bone, dislocated shoulder, mangled leg and kidney damage.  That’s … Continue reading

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There are 7 Deadly Sins: If Governed by “Pride,” Where does “Humility” Come in?

Not many people appreciate feeling like a doormat, but that isn’t what “humility” is about.  Humility is simply being respectful to others and modestly submissive, whereas prideful people feel as if they should arrogantly come first, and always. When a … Continue reading

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