There are 7 Deadly Sins: How often is OCD used as an excuse for “Gluttony”?

We are a public of medication and labeling; instead of finding the cause of something we don’t like and remedying it.  We tend to label our discomfort something, so we can take medication, and not have to wrestle with our minds to change it.  The second Deadly Sin is “Gluttony;” we all know someone with this “disease,” whether we know it or not.

Although Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is something which can be devastating, what about the gluttons calling themselves OCD?

We’ve heard there’s always a way to get rich, and while the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, right?  Who gets rich from gluttony?  That’s a great question!  Here is the answer  because someone has to benefit from disorders if we don’t repair them.

Now that we know the issue, what’s the resolve?  It’s easy to pinpoint, difficult to accomplish, sort of like paying bills.  Instead of seeing a doctor, sit down alone or with someone else whether it’s a husband, best friend, or pastor, and work out a plan.  If it truly is OCD, get on a healthy routine of cleaning, but also schedule regulated sessions with a “coach” to ensure the train hasn’t unknowingly jumped the track.  Sure, it’s difficult, but when given a choice between remaining medicated about something gone awry or fixing it–which is better?  After all, Gluttony is one of the deadliest of the 7 Deadly Sins.

About Michelle J Brewer

Free-spirited and unwilling to let life throw a curve she can't handle Michelle hasn't done it all, but what she does do she lands on her feet with her hands in the air. Currently a writer of screenplays, she knows the only true way to benefit in her life is by sharing valuable information. Helping others grow to better their own lives, and loving it at the same time, gives her a sense of accomplishment. This blog will discuss what she is working on and how it's progressing. When you want to know more about MJ Brewer, you can check out her blog at to get the inside scoop! Have fun and please volunteer your feedback!
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2 Responses to There are 7 Deadly Sins: How often is OCD used as an excuse for “Gluttony”?

  1. kenzie36 says:

    I believe that it may be appropriate and possibly even more successful for recovery if someone with this issue were to possibly utilize some sort of medication (only if needed) along with a scheduled plan and active support to overcome this. Eventually, one should be able to go through life without the medication. I believe the medication should only be a ‘tool’ to help ease the mental craving this disease causes. Much like someone stopping smoking may use a method involving habit changing along with removing the chemical from their body on a gradual basis. This can be easier dealt with if the craving is treated along with the gradual process of developing good habits. Once the habits are established and in place, the medication should not be needed any longer.

    • My opinion absolutely agrees with what you’re stating! Unfortunately, society (as a whole) typically is too lazy to deal with the issues on their own and become dependent on the affects of the narcotics they’re using because they seem “to work” without effort of the patient. This is exactly where the over-use comes in as described in the second posted article. Plus, I believe that when someone is taking the drug, depending on which drug it is, he/she is unable to completely think clearly. After all, that’s sort of the purpose; to dull certain senses allowing less nervousness, worry, stress, anxiety, etc.

      All in all, what you’ve stated is true and hopefully the persons on medication will have someone they can rely on to assist them in “staying on course” to improve and eventually be depleted of the drug. As you stated, cigarette smoking is a habit/illness which needs to be weaned gradually for some. I’m glad you posted your insight!

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