There are 7 Deadly Sins: “Wrath” is Hate and Anger; Can We Stop the Progression?

Money is tighter, belongings are being sold or given up, and our focus is changing our priorities.  Perhaps the brandname cosmetics, clothes, equipment, etc. has taken a backseat to what we need, as opposed to what we want!  Unfortunately, those who refuse to take responsibility for the progression of their own life’s circumstances need to place failure on someone.  Since they refuse to believe they have control, “Wrath” takes over.

As we travel or relocate, the majority of us conduct a research concerning money, costs, schools reputation, and even more–“crime rates.”  Conducting the crime rate for our country allows us a better understanding of where where we plan on relocating, or where we are currently living. But the big question is, what will happen when all of the “safe places” are gone?

John Steinbeck wrote The Grapes of Wrath, published it in 1939, and won both a Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize for Literature. Drought, economic hardship and changes in industries take the spotlight as John expresses how he wants to “put a tag of shame on the greedy bastards who are responsible.”  These people sought their future and dignity by addressing the situation, instead of simply blaming someone else for where they stand.

What is it that envelopes us so much we lose self-control, dignity, and responsibility for our actions?  Certainly, we aren’t all out of control like these monsters we read about, or are we?  While most of us maintain our wits when we are angry, there are those who have no sense or self-control, at least to some degree.  But this doesn’t always happen in the heat of the moment; sometimes it envelopes us to the point of driving us insane such as the popular Jared Lee Loughner, currently awaiting his day in trial.  Here, he will be considered “mentally unstable,” but the public will undoubtedly be hit with his mark of making them aware–just as he planned.

Wrath is a beast.  Sometimes we allow it to take over, sometimes it’s misdirected, but when we can be truly happy, loving others to the point of sacrifice, everything changes.  This little baby is saved by her father and will one day know the genetic gift she has to share.

Whatever our priorities are during crisis situations, perhaps should always be our prioirites to help us either avoid or downplay the ugliness of wrath.

About Michelle J Brewer

Free-spirited and unwilling to let life throw a curve she can't handle Michelle hasn't done it all, but what she does do she lands on her feet with her hands in the air. Currently a writer of screenplays, she knows the only true way to benefit in her life is by sharing valuable information. Helping others grow to better their own lives, and loving it at the same time, gives her a sense of accomplishment. This blog will discuss what she is working on and how it's progressing. When you want to know more about MJ Brewer, you can check out her blog at to get the inside scoop! Have fun and please volunteer your feedback!
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