Who Plays Those Ridiculous Facebook Games?

Americans are probably the busiest people in the world! Our country works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and even on some holidays.  There are many countries who just come into work whenever they want to take care of business–of course they don’t have two cars and a $2,000 a month mortgage to contend with either.  But as busy as we are, we always manage to take the time to play on the computer.  Some chat, some televise themselves in the hopes of acquiring a new love interest, some blog, and others simply waste their precious time!

One of the best ways to waste your precious time is on Facebook, where you’re wasting it already.  But now, you can waste it more!  And it isn’t like you’ll get on there anticipating all the housework that will build up, the times you’ll be late for work, the lunch dates you’ll cancel, or anything like that–it’s just a game, without any winners, to top it off!

There are a plethora of games to choose from and some of them include having a farm to grow and care for your own crops (tell me that doesn’t sound fun) in Farmville, seeing if you can out-class your peers by purchasing more clothes and dazzling them to death on It Girl, and roping in friends to spend real money on the game.  For those with a more violent need, there’s always Mafia Wars, where you get your friends to “get your back” when you go head to head with another mob.  Or for the ones who are used to the older, television version of games there is Family Feud with Richard Dawson, and who can ever forget The Price Is Right with Bob Barker?  Yeah, yeah…. dry-humor Carey does it now, but it’s just not the same.  But on Facebook there are many, many more games to choose from! 

The one I do is Cityville where you can combine all the games together; you can grow crops, buy decorative items, guess who is going to purchase or sell to you, or even come along and unload your ships parked at the dock!  Do I have time for all of this?  No, that’s why I’m up until midnight and up again at five, so playing won’t interfere with my life, it interferes with my sleep.  (And don’t tell anyone, but when it comes to some of the mundane features like harvesting, my nine-year-old loves to do that as a reward for completing his homework.)  What can I say, I’m a modern-day American! The best part of Cityville is Zynga, the creators, have translations of Spanish, French, Italian and German, which allows millions of people to communicate.  (I actually have Google Translator give me a boost, plus it makes it more fun.)  The game is being played at all hours, all around the world!

So despite being the busiest country in the world, killing each other, robbing banks, declaring bankruptcy, or simply having a nervous breakdown–we all need a break!  How will you take yours?

About Michelle J Brewer

Free-spirited and unwilling to let life throw a curve she can't handle Michelle hasn't done it all, but what she does do she lands on her feet with her hands in the air. Currently a writer of screenplays, she knows the only true way to benefit in her life is by sharing valuable information. Helping others grow to better their own lives, and loving it at the same time, gives her a sense of accomplishment. This blog will discuss what she is working on and how it's progressing. When you want to know more about MJ Brewer, you can check out her blog at http://2ndChanceatHeaven.com to get the inside scoop! Have fun and please volunteer your feedback!
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2 Responses to Who Plays Those Ridiculous Facebook Games?

  1. JD McD says:

    Its stress relief and a mini escape. Pure and simple. And a humongous waste of time, but fun.

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