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“Do you really deserve that?”

Some people like to give everyone the benefit of a doubt when they deal with them the first time, and sometimes a second chance is in order, but when is the line crossed to being a “sucker,” or in modern terms a “minion”? A family … Continue reading

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If you lost your memory right now, what would you do?

Take a moment to close your eyes and relax.  Upon opening them, observe your surroundings as if it’s the first time you’ve seen them; the people are strangers, and you’ve no idea how you got there.  You’re sitting at a … Continue reading

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So Much “Good” You Can’t Stand It?

Does “reverse psychology” really work?  I suppose it depends on when it’s being used.  For example, I’m trying it a bit today with my 9-year-old son and I’m curious to see the end result.  My competition?  Wii!  I know I … Continue reading

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“That Woman Must Be Supporting –What Is That Again?”

Okay, the “posting for a cause’s awareness”—what is that?  Sure, I can understand that psychologically a person thinks more about a subject when it directly relates to them.  In addition, I understand that something intimate typically arouses a man’s interest, … Continue reading

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