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The Elevator to Success

Joe Girard, author of the World’s Greatest Salesman, says “the elevator to success is out of order–you need to use the stairs, one at a time.”  But do you ever feel like you’re in the wrong building?  Sometimes you don’t … Continue reading

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Is Justice Conveniently Deaf and Dumb, as well as Blind?

Our legal system leaves much to be desired, as anyone who witnessed the OJ Simpson trial can understand.  But for those who have actively participated in the tomfoolery of the legal system, you’ve seen it first-hand.  There are so many … Continue reading

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Communication (or the lack of) and the People without it!

“Okay, it’s time to eat,” the mother says pleasantly the first time, which changes after a few more times to, “That’s enough! Eat your food!”  This comment is generally followed by an explanation of how full the children are until … Continue reading

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