Which “Munster” would you be?

As we grow up and watch television we can’t help but relate ourselves to the characters.  After all, they are created to allow ourselves to find like attributes so we can find humor in our own lives.  In the Munsters Herman is the bungler, Grandpa is mischievous, Lillian is the one keeping order, and Eddie is always having growing pains and curious to learn more.  But Marilyn?  Where does she fit in?

Most people who come in contact with my children tell me what a great job I’ve done as a parent.  My children are usually compassionate, respectful and courteous.  I’d like to take credit for it all, but I cannot for one of us is different.  The recent discovery is that while the majority of us are the acceptable Munsters, as a public we look at those who don’t fit in as “special needs.”  The reality is quite the opposite.  They don’t always need but actually offer something to the rest of us; we just don’t seem to understand.

Let’s look at the Munsters as the majority of civilization, since there are more of them in their own household, and Marilyn is a minority.  Her skin is basically the same color, and her sex is female, but obviously that is not what is meant in this instance.  The Munsters refer to her as “the ugly duckling” of the group and often take pity on her.  Isn’t that what we do with people who are different?

Of course, sometimes they may need help with their banking accounts or even eating, but when it comes down to how they treat life forms in general, how do they behave?  How does this contrast to the typical person?

Do yourself a favor today and think about that one person who doesn’t fit in–the person in your office that always eats alone.  Could it be that he or she is the “Marilyn” of your office and perhaps she’s sees things a bit differently than the normal Munster?  Maybe it would actually be to your advantage to take the time and get to know that person.  Make a change and start today.  Be different.


About Michelle J Brewer

Free-spirited and unwilling to let life throw a curve she can't handle Michelle hasn't done it all, but what she does do she lands on her feet with her hands in the air. Currently a writer of screenplays, she knows the only true way to benefit in her life is by sharing valuable information. Helping others grow to better their own lives, and loving it at the same time, gives her a sense of accomplishment. This blog will discuss what she is working on and how it's progressing. When you want to know more about MJ Brewer, you can check out her blog at http://2ndChanceatHeaven.com to get the inside scoop! Have fun and please volunteer your feedback!
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