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On occasion, strange revelations are given me

Tonight in preparation for bed, my children were having a discussion about our new home in Klamath, Oregon.  I introduced them to visualization some time ago, and that’s what we practice together each night, aloud.  As I discussed the feelings, … Continue reading

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Are you living on spaghetti or lemonade?

Everyday the news is about another neighbor moving out and losing their home.  I suppose a questionable economy is sort of like advancing from one grade to another at school; even though the neighborhood values stay the same, the people don’t. Being … Continue reading

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When a Parent becomes an Accomplice

Wikipedia’s definition of a parent: A parent (from Latin: parēns = parent) is a caretaker of the offspring in their own species.  Going one step further, the definition of a “caretaker” is a person who takes care of another, in … Continue reading

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Out of the Brimstone came the Morning Star!

     An incredibly intelligent young girl, at the age of four, sits poised on the couch, book in hand, although she cannot read. She is ready to state her lines. Her puppy-eared ponytails sit high on her head. On cue, … Continue reading

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