The Elevator to Success

Joe Girard, author of the World’s Greatest Salesman, says “the elevator to success is out of order–you need to use the stairs, one at a time.”  But do you ever feel like you’re in the wrong building?  Sometimes you don’t figure it out until you’ve climbed hundreds and hundreds of steps, to open a door to a room full of brooms and mops!

The phone rings with the long-awaited job offer–the company you applied at three months ago is finally calling you with an offer that sounds too good to be true!  Two months into it, you discover the company has no scruples, and while this works for some it doesn’t work for you and you’re back posting your resume, kicking yourself for turning down other offers; offers that may have led you somewhere worthwhile.

The man of your dreams sweeps you off your feet and he is everything you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl.  All those toads you kissed to get to him almost makes it seem worthwhile–until you discover he’s another princess’s Prince Charming across town, as well as your own!

Nearly 90% of people get the wind knocked out of them when they make a first attempt.  Some sit at the bottom, have a pity-party for themselves, or call a friend (or a whole gaggle of geese) and whine like it’s the worst thing ever!  It certainly isn’t, not if you allow yourself to learn from it!

The job?  Perhaps you were able to learn something from that position to take you onto bigger and better heights!  If not, you certainly learned what to watch for during your next interview, right?

And what about the man of your dreams that turned into a bullfrog?  There are so many nice guys out there that don’t have the looks of a Prince Charming, but their eyes are full of you rather than themselves.  Wouldn’t you rather have a man you can trust than one who behaves like a dog, or behaves as a narcissist?

Yes, the elevator to success is out of order and it’s necessary to take the stairs.  When you take the stairs you’re much more aware of your surroundings as you slowly make your way up the floors to the place you’ve always known you belong–you’ll have a successful relationship, as well as a successful career.  Even Betty Crocker had to learn to bake!

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Is Justice Conveniently Deaf and Dumb, as well as Blind?

Our legal system leaves much to be desired, as anyone who witnessed the OJ Simpson trial can understand.  But for those who have actively participated in the tomfoolery of the legal system, you’ve seen it first-hand.  There are so many cases awaiting trial it seems to be in the best interest of the court to KISS it, or Keep It Simple Stupid, whenever necessary.

As a country, when our legal system was founded, we wanted truth—undeniable truth without the prejudice of color, sex, etc.  But when our constitutional system was founded in 1787, slavery was still in effect until 1865.  How does that work?  A Justice of Convenience; a system which states in black and white (no pun intended), inarguably what men can stand behind.  When asked why, the reply is simply “It’s the law.”  This means that the “big wigs” (think about what that term means literally from the era) decided it was fair and just.

Since the time that the original U.S. Constitution has been written, it has been challenged by people and had additions; loopholes created and depleted, that it is hardly the same constitution we have celebrated for over 100 years.

In fact, our legal system now has a “deaf” clause in a courtroom, where when one person has been convicted or released for a previous crime, that crime cannot be admitted in a courtroom while another case is being tried.  For example, if someone has been tried and acquitted, that case cannot even be mentioned in the courtroom, even if the perpetrator has committed the identical crime again.  This is called “Double Jeopardy.”  Justice has had earplugs put in and asked to come to a fair conclusion.

Is Justice dumb or moot?   Absolutely!  While a trial is on the docket, no one is allowed to discuss the evidence because the jury has been questioned and chosen by the attorneys.  Think about that… do “fair” and “chosen” really go together?  Something fair is free of favoritism, bias and impartial.  So how does that come into play with a chosen jury?  That’s easy.  The courts have decided that if they cannot decide on the end result themselves, they will choose someone who can be cajoled into making the decision they favor.

The next time something goes on trial remember that the law is made of fallible people, who are always fair and have no stake in the outcome.  It seems it would be easy for people without a stake to change the lives of so many with only a sentence, “Not guilty.”

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Communication (or the lack of) and the People without it!

“Okay, it’s time to eat,” the mother says pleasantly the first time, which changes after a few more times to, “That’s enough! Eat your food!”  This comment is generally followed by an explanation of how full the children are until dessert is mentioned.  Then they feel as if they might be able to squeeze some pie in–they’re sure willing to give it a whirl!

Have you ever taken time from your day, called the kids together to discuss something which you feel is extremely important, and after thinking of the best presentation sat everyone down together?  If you haven’t, you’re probably the family the PTA complains about not having any parental communication!  At any rate, the kids don’t want to listen anyway.  They make it clear that you’re intruding on their time (forget the charts and lists you’ve managed to create, as well as the block of your own time), and they only have a few minutes.  Throughout the meeting they are checking out the clock regularly for the first ten minutes, interjecting for the next five, and after that…. the poking and tickling occur.  The meeting that would have taken fifteen minutes is now stretching to half an hour and you’ve got things to do!

They have no idea of the swinging restaurant door that is contained in their head, do they?  There’s only one door, and all the goods are on one side and the information exchanged is on the other, and the door can only swing one direction at a time!  In other words, information cannot go into their brain, or kitchen, while other info is coming out–they cannot talk and hear at the same time!  That isn’t to say that the busboy can’t go in while the server is coming out once in a while, but not very often–not without dropping a dish, or vital piece of information, anyhow.

Oh sure, there are those who claim to be able to do both at the same time, but have you had a conversation on the phone while hearing the keyboard at the other end?  Facebook is the best, because not only does the person try to hold a discussion with you, but they’re having an additional conversation and typing their thoughts at the same time.  They probably don’t realize half of what you’re saying, and after a relatively important question–dead air.

Do society a favor and be courteous enough to either not answer the phone (taking the risk of missing important information), or get off the computer (Facebook can wait, seriously).  Multi-tasking may seem to give you bragging rights, but not when it’s the person you’re telling it to that you’re ignoring!  After all, do you truly feel important enough to believe other people don’t deserve your undivided attention?  Do you feel comfortable having a conversation with your kid while the Wii is going strong and the balance board is causing a “boing-boing” sound?  You deserve better, right?

The next time someone takes the time out of their day to give you a call, give them the few minutes they deserve… unless it’s a bill collector.  If that’s the case, let’em keep calling because you’re eating dinner.  “That’s enough! Eat your food!”

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Despite the best Teacher, Nothing is Learned without an Apt Pupil

Trying to cover all the bases between work, school, bills, paying bills, filling the car, making dinner…. the list goes on and on! Then one day someone asks for a favor and after long consideration the decision is made the time can be sparingly subtracted from the schedule.  Due to a relative needing surgery in another state, assistance was needed to care for their animals.  When asked, the challenge was accepted, and the two kids were tossed into the car and our next eleven days were dedicated to serving someone else.  It wasn’t until later that the real lesson was revealed, as the one donating time was the one benefiting the most from the self-realization.

After careful consideration of the most basic fundamentals of animal behavior, an obvious realization is made of human behavior.  Why do teenagers become sexually active?  In reflecting on a teenaged period of a straight-A student, everything going for her, to someone who seemingly has no moral values immediately following an emotional separation from her family, it is undeniably clear. 

Sometimes a change of scenery is all that it takes to stop and take notice of the obvious. And no matter how many people try to steer, demand, or sway someone, there are those lessons that need to be born from within oneself in time. 

When the reality sets in that the time subtracted is actually added to your life, is this time appreciated? Is gratitude granted? It should be.

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On occasion, strange revelations are given me

Tonight in preparation for bed, my children were having a discussion about our new home in Klamath, Oregon.  I introduced them to visualization some time ago, and that’s what we practice together each night, aloud.  As I discussed the feelings, smells, sounds and sensations my son announced that he was going to hide  The Dangerous Book for Boys in his new room because my daughter was always trying to prove something by copying the instructions.  This is news to me because although my four-year-old is quite intelligent, she cannot yet read well enough to reveal the secrets from within.

I announced she didn’t need that book and I swiftly returned from the closet with the blue counterpart, The Daring Book for Girls. Nikki’s eyes were opened wide as I announced I would read a portion to put them to bed.  As happen chance, on this 30th day of May, I parted the book directly to page 84, the story of Joan of Arc.  As I read the story from the two printed pages, I watched my son fight sleep to capture every word.  But it was the bottom of the second page which captured my attention this Memorial Day.

On May 30th, 580 years ago, the world lost a soldier who was burned at the stake in France at the age of 19, after leading an army into battle.  500 years after her demise, she was declared by Pope Benedcit XV to be a saint.

I believe on this Memorial Day, I will give thanks to God for this miracle of a woman who steadfast clung to His words.  Her final two words being heard screaming above the flames as they engulfed her were “Jesus! Jesus!”  What women of society today would be so bold as to do this, declaring the sacred name as her body was licked by death?

All soldiers require recognition for defending our country, but Joan of Arc deserves it for defending the name and power of God.

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QR Code? What does that do for me?

qrcodeTechnology is spinning its wheels faster and faster, picking up speed each and every day.  One of the newest genius inventions, since the computer, is a computer-generated code the Quick Response Code or QR Code for short.  If you have a smartphone or iPhone, this could come in extremely handy for you. In fact, most phones with a camera and internet connectivity will work with this device. There are a few phones which need to have the app downloaded, though.

Let’s say you’re walking past the theater and you see a marque with your favorite movie mogul on it.  It’s rating and picture suit you fine, but you can’t really tell what the movie’s about, who wrote the screenplay, or anything else, right?  Look in the corner of the poster for the QR Code and click it with your iPhone, or any other type of camera phone capable of photographing the barcode and redistributing it into text, URL, or other data. The “click” willl automatically produce a webpage with all of the information you’ve requested, email, phone and any other contact id.

At Mountain America Credit Union, I stood in line to cash a check and saw some business cards sitting on top of the counter. Low and behold, there was the qr code attached to the corner–amazing! Even though it wasn’t my bank, I was so impressed, I took a card just to look at it!

There are at least 50 different ways to utilize this information according to the website

Even if you’re a novice at your company, you cannot go wrong with this device!  Some companies charge $99-$400/per month for the device while others are free!  Where did I find all this information?  June 2011 Entrepreneur magazine!

What am I planning on doing with it?  I plan on ordering car door magnets and placing the code on the lower corner.  Who doesn’t drive with their cell phone?  And how many times have you passed a billboard promising you’ll get the information the next time?  Problem solved!

What’s that you say?  You want to give it a whirl?  I’d advice you to go to this website to gather all the low-down information and try it yourself!  Business cards, magnets, even Facebook will beginning using these before you know it!  It’s the difference between setting the pace, or waiting until something is proven and being one of the many… too late!

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Anterograde Amnesia: How it saved my life!

Imagine a child being born. As soon as she is able to feed herself and walk around, she’s told she needs to dig a hole in the backyard. She has until she’s eighteen to complete the hole, because then she will be on her own.  When she is bold enough to question her superiors and ask “What is the hole for?”  They tell her all sorts of things that it might be, but say it’s too soon to explain because she will not understand, but they finally have given her a name–“Question Box.”  And each time she asks them anything, they shake their head, revealing their disappointment and end their sentence with her new name, still neglecting to answer.

Time seems to fly by extremely quickly as the girl reaches the age of twelve.  A lot of time has passed and she’s figured that to dig the hole, she doesn’t have to rely on just her beat-up hands digging into the soil, but she can use a stick.  This saves her considerable pain, along with wear and tear.  When she tells her superiors, they pat her on the head and tell her how relieved they are she is learning from the exercise.

When she turns sixteen, she has created a sizeable hole.  It isn’t very wide, but it is so deep that one cannot see the bottom unless they are holding a flashlight, standing at the very edge.  When the supervisors approach her, they do just that.  They are both straining to see inside the hole as she stands in eager anticipation and awaits their response.  “Oh,” they say, laughing heartily, “There is no way that eight people will be able to fit in that hole without hurting each other!”  They chuckle again, as if they are sharing a secret and slap each other on the back.  The female leaves, while the male remains.

The supervisor who stays behind puts his arm around the girl’s shoulders.  “I’m sorry, but this just isn’t working out…” he turns to leave, but pauses before adding, “You’ll need to find someone else who needs a hole.  We just can’t use you anymore.”

The girl was surprised, to say the least!  She’s spent her entire life digging this hole, working hard every single day!  She’s tried to do it to specification, but no one would reveal what those specifications were!  To top it off, they cut two years off the time she had to “train” for the real world!  She certainly wasn’t prepared!  She contemplated that the last two years was when they planned to tell her the final steps she needed to take in preparation.  Now she would never know what they were!

The girl was lost as she tried to steady herself in order to figure out what she was going to do–where she was going to go!  She could no longer be concerned with her future, or the hole as she had been, for the present was much more pressing.  The supervisor stood, tapping his toe impatiently.  “Well?”

“I don’t know what to do! I’ve never been out of this yard and don’t know what’s in the world except what I’ve heard through the fence!  What will I do?”

The supervisor snatched the young woman by the arm, gruffly jerking her to her feet and began to pull her toward a gate in the fence.  “No, wait a second…” the teenage girl trembles, “I can do it just how you want me to! I know I can!  I promise! I’m sorry I didn’t do it right!  I’m so sorry!”

As the girl fights and tugs, she finally pulls free!  As her shirt tears out of the supervisor’s hand, gravity pulls her down.  Much further down than the ground– down into the freshly dug hole where she lands with a sickening thud!

The supervisor strolls over to the hole and glances down.  “Who are you?” the confused girl questions, “Where am I?” 

Satisfied that the girl isn’t dead, and the supervisor is simply doing his job, he strolls back into the house and closes the door.  Even from the deep, dark hole she is in, the frightened and confused girl can hear the tumbler in the lock clicking.  The clouds come together, blotting out the sun and it begins to rain, dripping down her face, intermingling with her tears and the grime covering her cheeks.

I believe just about everyone has heard about amnesia, but most people don’t realize there are about eight different types ranging from catastrophes the average humankind cannot cope with, such as the explosion of the twin towers; to the type which is progressive, like the continuous abuse of alcohol. Some people drink to forget their problems, and unfortunately end up forgetting everything important in addition.

I was twenty-four when given a prescription for Prozac on a visit to the doctor for a typical, work-ordered physical.  My prescription altered three times within a one-month period, and I was eventually taking triple the original dose, at one time in the evening.  That’s what the doctor ordered to fix my sleepiness while working around dangerous equipment.  One week later, I woke up someone else… I just didn’t know “who.”  Neither did anyone else who encountered me.  What’s more was nobody wants to have the added responsibility of a 24-year-old preschooler who is unable to drive, work, or remember anything for longer than five minutes.  I’m sure the situation was frustrating for my family.  I managed to retain one friend for a couple weeks… I’ll never forget Russell Carter.  But soon, even he gave up trying to understand and accept me.

About fifteen years later, my memory was slowly coming back, but the damage was that most of my childhood and all of my teen to early twenties, plus the present, was confusing if I could remember them at all.  I was out of the proverbial hole and walking around in the neighborhood–the hole far behind, in another life.

As people put their arm around me, guiding through the neighborhood, one at a time, I began to pay attention.  I saw many people digging holes, and they weren’t using their hands!  Most of them weren’t using sticks, either.  The majority of them had shovels, and a few had fuel-powered heavy equipment such as track hoes, as they dug holes one after another.  The ones with bigger equipment could do it much faster, and some of them would help the ones with just regular shovels!  This was amazing!  I had never known!  And they all seemed to excited to teach me, patiently, describing what, where, and most of all why!

That was when I realized that the sixteen years I initially lived were a waste of time.  From the time I left the yard to the time I clasped my hands around the first shovel given to me, I was learning.  I’ve been digging with a shovel for a while and now, I’m walking toward a track hoe.  Not just to make my job easier, but to help others who are digging their holes.  I’m also going to be searching for those with mud caked under their nails and splinters in their palms.  My goal is to make a difference–not for “humankind”–for their spirits and self-worth.  I have a purpose. 

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