Sexy, Intelligent, or Both?

My four-year-old daughter relayed the story of the Princess Stories- Volume 3 where Princess Jasmine has been turned into a snake because an Egyptian catwoman set out to prove that Aladdin only loved her for her curves, gorgeous hair, round face and alluring eyes.  Why would anyone think that?

Children are brought up to believe that, especially little girls, not by what we tell them–what we show them!  Women who are obsessed with being muscular, toned, long and lean, who put fitness before anything or anyone else in their life, feel they are the best and always need to prove it.  Still others need to feel sensual by dumping thousands and thousands of dollars into cosmetic implants, tucks, cuts and sutures to hide those unsightly wrinkles or bulges.

In the end of the story, Aladdin loved Jasmine and actually climbed into her nightmare by sacrificing himself and becoming a snake with her, breaking the spell.  Aren’t cartoons great, and wouldn’t it be even better if we didn’t leave those lessons for cartoons to teach but taught by example?

After all, we have been taught over and over again that when it comes to survival, we need to rely on ourselves.  We need to be smart and sure-footed in our decisions, not reliant on doctors and technology when we have every advantage given to us in our bodies currently.  Be kind, be smart, be alert, and be yourself.


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